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Friday, October 7, 2011

Why Total Health, Healing, and Well Being?

Another Avenue Cultural Resource Center from it’s creation and envision was always designed to be a another avenue of resources and support for the community. The Founder, Trazana Staples, overcame her personal health and life challenges and wanted to share with her community and the world a more sustainable way of healthy living. 

It is our goal is to ultimately have a natural foods market along with the services we provide to help support those wanting to live healthier sustainable lives. Until then, we are focusing on healthy living education outreach from a holistic point of view. Our services include, and are not limited to;  G.R.A.C.E. ( Gardening, Recycling, Action/Activism, Composting, Education), financial empowerment, spiritual alignment, cleansing, detoxing, healthy & positive relationship building, and ecopreneurship (Green Jobs). 

Our partners:  Partners in Prosperity, Renee Bobb Enterprises, Mamushi Nature Farm, Return to Balance, Ray of Light Studios,  Thaxton Abshalom Waters, and It’s A Family Affair Catering are contracted for several of our services offered such as yoga, video production, gardening, vegan and vegetarian catering, chakra balancing, visual art, book publishing, financial empowerment, and healthy food preparation. 

We want to help and support the community in being healthy and happy. We know and have heard about the critical health epidemics in communities such as; hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and obesity in our communities which are considered ‘Food Deserts’. We know the problems that our communities face in economics, health, and education.  Another Avenue Cultural Resource Center was birthed to help bring forth solutions for those wanting to take control of their lives.  We want YOU to know; ‘what to eat’, ‘when to eat’, ‘how to eat’, ‘what are Green Jobs’, ‘how to create a Green Business’, ‘how to align your mind body and spirit’, “and how to build and maintain healthy relationships’ as a defense against depression and other challenges that life may bring. We want to be your ‘One Stop Shop’ for all the resources you need when it comes to healthy living.  

We have created our LET’S EATT™ (Lifestyle, Enrichment Teaching Solutions, Eating Awareness Through Teaching ) presentations and ‘Fruits Over French Fries’© activities book  for children as inspirations to help support healthier choices in living and eating.

What to expect from the Total Health, Healing, and Well Being Seminar

We have three dynamic speakers donating their time to Another Avenue Cultural Resource Center to help bring forth awareness and uplift the importance in taking control of ones life to be healthy and happy; mind, body and spirit.  If you attend this seminar on November 12, 2011 in person or on live stream you can expect to walk away with keys to help you on your journey of living a positive healthy happy abundant life. Your life will be transformed and your outlook will never be the same again. 
Our presenters are bringing FIRE, BRIMSTONE ,and TRUTH about food, healthy lifestyles, relationships, spirituality, and financial empowerment.  Be open and prepared for your life to be transformed into a more vibrant healthier you!  



Djehuty Ma’at Ra
is owner of Djehuty’s Health Store, is an world renown international  Herbalist. His expertise has been sought after by various entertainers and world leaders. He is also an expert health researcher, hygienist, metaphysician, occultist, hermeticist, gnostic, writer, jurisperitus, ecopreneur, motivational speaker, life guide/coach, thought minister, astrologist, student of life, prosperity coach, relationship counselor, career advisor, and life magician. His world famous natural products can be found on

Huni Bak Atun
has over 27 years of Metaphysical education and uses what he  has learned through his studies of various religions to help others connect the dots to spirituality and relationships.  “My journey here On Plan ET Earth has allowed me to have a personal experience to be able to seek the truth, speak the truth, and be The Truth. Only the sincere at heart and mind will see through all of the lies that have caused this blanket of ignorance, not only to be pulled over the eyes but the entire body. How can one expect to know the truth accept the truth if one doesn't take time to investigate? I am sent to help liberate the mind, heart, soul, and body, and No Lies will be able to stand against it! Self evidence is the key that will free you but only if You let it. Amunu.”

J. Menaq (Dr. Jeff Menzise)
is a doctor of clinical psychology, certified hypnotist,  researcher, professor, holistic health consultant, initiated and ordained multi-faith priest/minister, author, certified Kemetic Yoga teacher (level 1), reiki master, life coach and consultant. He has worked extensively in matters concerning holistic health, mind, body & spirit alignment, marriage and family planning, self-development, initiation and rites of passage program development, life purpose guidance, meditation, yoga and pranic healing.
Dr. Menzise uses both modern and ancient techniques in his craft including meditation, yoga, chi (qi) gong, spiritual cultivation, principles of modern psychotherapy, crystals, stones, botanical essences, creative visualization, reiki, hypnosis, Kundalini and Tantric instruction, Pranayama breathing modalities, pranic healing techniques, herbs and meal planning. He has received strong support and praise from various organizations, individuals, couples and families and is excited to make these services available to you.

Saturday, November 12, 2011
9am – 4pm

Nashville Friends Meeting
530 26th Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37209 

$25 includes a Continental breakfast, lunch, and lecture materials

Click here for Elder (60 years) or Student Registration $15

Total Health, Healing, and Well Being Seminar Sponsors



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