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10 Steps to Creating Your Green Business

By: Trazana Alecia Staples

“Applying the steps presented in this book will lead you to live  your greatest dream of becoming an ecopreneur.
Although I am yet still an aspiring ecopreneur, speaker, community activist,  song writer, mother, grandmother, and visionary, life was not always easy for me.  Through my journey I have learned to use my creativity and gifts to sustain my lifestyle, care for the planet and give back to the world.
It took years for me to discover my passion, but once I figured it out, I began to live and enjoy life.  What I have learned that it does not need to take a lifetime to discover, all it takes is  being shown your path. It is my hopes that this booklet will lead someone to their path of ecopreneurship.”
“I designed this booklet  of resources to be used as a tool to give information to be an ecopreneur. It is my hopes that the information and resources in this booklet will help lead those who inspire to be an ecopreneur  in the right direction to discover their passion that will lead to their sustainability and contribution to the earth."
“Ecopreneurs go beyond organic, beyond compliance to laws and regulations (or redefine them), beyond consumerism, beyond minimum wages and beyond the free market economy to conduct business. Entrepreneurs become EcoPreneurs when their spirit, boldness, courage and determination not only transform the landscape but coalescence into a movement to transform global problems into opportunities for restoration and healing.”

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