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Monday, October 17, 2011


Eat to Live...Are you ready for the challenge?

The bond between mother and daughter is a great experience... especially when mother and daughter overcome, dis-ease, hardship, and obesity together. 
Trazana & Azizah are that duo..Both suffering from diabetes, high-blood pressure, depression, and many more illnesses that stem from obesity. With a collective of over 200lbs lost.. these women know the secret to ultimate weight-loss..
Trazana's Story:


"For ears I suffered from and was diagnosed with hypertension, pre diabetes, and obesity. A one time I weighed in at 320 lbs at my height of 5'4" 1/4" tall.  I was absolutely miserable! Everything about me was hurting, my mind, my spirit and my body. I could not walk two feet without being out of breath. I felt as though my entire life was crumbling around me. 
Before the age of 40 I had several major surgeries, which included, removing my tonsils, adenoids, gallbladder, uterus, and a blood transfusion. My health continued to deteriorate, besides developing upper respiratory problems, I stayed sick all the time.  Missing work and other activities all because I did not feel week. My medications were costing me over $300 per month and that was with insurance." 

Azizah story:
"At the age of 22 I was was diagnosed with diabetes after giving birth to my 2nd child.. along with already dealing with high-blood pressure I knew if I kept up with my current life style I would not live to see 40. At 236 lbs I was depressed and unhappy with myself.. I knew I needed to make a change for the sake of my health and my children health."

What was the Changed?
In 2004, Trazana decided she wanted to live Azizah 17 at the time followed in her foot steps. We loved food, and wanted to find ways of preparing food that was good for us but still tasteful.  Trazana began seeking and searching for ways to lose weight." I read books, joined several weight loss programs, local and national.  By 2006, I was on what appeared to be a see-saw. I had tried everything! Considering I had not eaten beef or pork since 1995. I thought there was no hope, and my doctors told me I would be on medication for the rest of my life.  My weight and health was up and down. I refused to go through weight loss surgery after it was recommended by my physician. I started asking more questions and seeking more answers". 

In 2008 after the birth of her child and the news of being a diabetic Azizah began her quest for natural ways to heal... One day, my mom called me from Tennessee, ( I living in Cincinnati at the time) she had just seen the movie Food Inc. and shared with me how it changed her whole outlook on the food we eat. 
Thus the journey began... Trazana & Azizah transformed their lives by educating themselves on natural food, herbs, and a holistic way of living. 
Making food her priority Trazana is now a author, premculturist and Founder / Executive Director of Another Avenue Cultural Resource Center who's mission is to educate the community on the importance of healthy foods , ecopreneurship and sustainable living.. as well as providing a natural foods market for the North Nashville Community. 
Azizah is now a author, natural herbalist, healer, and talk show host of Return to Balance is making it her mission to teach other how they can transform themselves by searching deep within to unlock the emotional roadblocks that cause dis-ease.
Together these woman are prime examples that healthy living requires a complete lifestyle change of mind body and spirit.
Trazana in her garden

Performing emotional clearing 2011
Sharing with the world their story of success Trazana & Azizah are starting their very own life transformation program to assist others on their journey of self renewal. The Eat to Live Program will be available November 11, 2011 to the world and as a special incentive Trazana & Azizah will open a contest for two lucky individuals to try the program completely free. The lucky winners will not only receive the free program, but they will be coached personally by Trazana & Azizah for the duration of the program.
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